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a novella inspired by true events.

In San Luis Obispo, California, high school student Alexa Van Buren is a seventeen year old girl suffering under a neglectful drug-using mother.  Estranged from her father and depressed because of her broken family, “Lexi” is forced to take on the motherly role and care for her younger seven year old sister.  Then suddenly her childhood friend, Jaden, takes his own life and Lexi falters under the five stages of grief as she mourns his untimely death.  But only days after his suicide, Jaden somehow messages Lexi online, asking her to stop his brother from committing an immoral feat that would surely ruin him.  Lexi is then thrust into a near-impossible mission as she tries to expose the conspiracy of the suicide while also risking her own life as she tries to save the brother Jaden left behind.  Described as"touching", "marvelous", "beautiful in every word," and "literature that gives hope to the angels," Closer Than We Know

will leave you breathless as its lovable characters and heart-wrenching conflicts preach the vital morals on life, death and how to overcome when the two are mixed.

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"Pretending You're Alive"

a memoir, auto-biography, and self-help Christian book that's going to slap some sense into you.

It's an in-your-face type of Christian book with a collection of (not-boring) stories from Graham's (not-so-boring) life and how God (not-boringly) changed it.  Prepare to laugh, cry, get angry and contemplate on what it truly means to be spiritually alive.   Written by a youth for the youth, "Pretending You're Alive" is straight-forward, no-nonsense novel with a twist of Graham's own tougne-in-cheek humor while revealing, explaining and demonstrating God's powerful message through her own incredible and sometimes terrifying life experiences.


Unbreakable - The Inspiring True Story

In this incredible true story of the unbreakable bond of friendship, Graham exposes all as she retells her own personal and heart-wrenching testimony of the two year long fight to protect the life of her beloved best friend.  

In November 2011, just after horse slaughter was legalized in the United States, a former lawyer sued Graham's family for the ownership of their horse of 13 years named "Cartier." When he goes to then threaten to slaughter the horse to redeem the money he is owed, Graham's family makes extreme sacrifices and the lawyer is soon paid off.  However, not even 3 days later, the man returns with thirsty greed for more money ... and for the horse that is so cherished.  Court battles grab the attention of the media, animal activists, the court system, and even strangers as Graham, just a 17 year old girl with colorful bright pink hair, fights for the ownership and safety of her best friend.  

Follow the treacherous journey as  Graham and her family find themselves on the run as the lawyer goes to life-threatening and terrifying measures to find them and seize the horse for his own disposal.  "Unbreakable" reveals the case that impacted people of the judicial system, shattered and changed lives forever, and brought to light the incredible meaning of friendship as Graham retells the shocking true story of love, friendship, grief, loss, and never, ever giving up.


Abandoned in an unfamiliar town, a young adult must become the third partner with the two most notorious cocaine dealers in Northern California in order to survive in the foreign lands.  Soon, she becomes the biggest drug hustler of Northern California and falls into a downward spiral of addiction, violence and death.  Follow her story as she tries clean up the mess she's made, crawl from the darkness of addiction and return back to the life she once knew.

(c) Haylee Graham 2013

a novella based on a true story.

A young fourteen year old girl is committed to a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt.  She keeps a journal as she meets and befriends those of the insane and soon becomes their leader of hope and a life outside the walls of their confinement.  With help of her entourage, she tries to guide those suffering from the darkness of psyciatric impairments, horrific near-unforgivable deeds and drug addiction in hopes of opening their eyes to a better future.

(c) Haylee Graham

(c) Haylee Graham 2013
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