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"Closer than we know"
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"...this piece of literature gives hope to the angels." -Emma O. 

"All novels use words and sentences to voice a certain message that the author wants to convey. However, there are few times when the words and sentences mess together as a unison whole to convey a powerful meaning. Within a hundred pages, Haley Graham has captured a very distraught, but equally unfortunately common experience that many people face.

In dedication of a family that has experienced a loved one take his/her life, the words of this novel capture the experience of what it is like to grow up with that person, make memories with that loved one, grieve the person's loss, but than come to terms with the reality and enjoy life for what a true beauty that it is - if we chose it to be.

A true work of art within itself that is as real and as relatable that any person who has lost anyone that they care about in their life- a parent, a sibling, a friend - can relate to and appreciate the other's eternal existence, "Closer Than We Know" will move you through all of the emotions that make you know that you are human - that you are indeed alive and that someone is indeed watching over you."

-Jessica D.

"Stunning and marvelous.  Anyone could take away some lesson or moral from this novel."

"...had chills the whole way through.  It's written from the heart."
 -Ally M.

"What a wonderful book and I am so honored that Haylee dedicated this book to Jameson. Thanks again Haylee." -Kathy C.

"I just got done reading your book, and I have no words. It's absolutely incredible. I cried for the first time in a very long time because I lost someone I love very much to suicide 5 years ago and losing him has changed my life and even now I'm still not able to think of him without getting sad. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I loved this so much and even though I know it's fiction it gave me some hope to think that he really is ok wherever he is. I'm passing this along to all my family and friends because I know they will love it as much as I do."


"What you take from this book is worth way more than five dollars."
 -Taylor R.  
                               (on the initial store price)

"The moment I finished this book, I wished there was a sequel  to this fantastic novel.  Haylee Graham's book left me breathless from the wave of emotions that I experienced while I kept reading.  The best words to describe this novel are: heart-warming, teaching, loving, exciting, breath taking, exhilarating, and comical. Haylee Graham balanced out perfectly the depressing tragedies of this book with laughter and love.   It includes so many valuable lessons for life and the ending perfectly reflected off these lessons. It sticks with you long after you read the last word."

-Sawyer J.

"A book that will tug at your heart-strings.  There wasn't one boring or dull moment.  I was always either laughing, crying, cheering or yelling.  I've never yelled at a book before, but there were times I didn't know what the heck was going to happen! lol!" 
-Madison W. 

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