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Imagine if Greek mythology wasn't in fact mythology at all. Where planet earth once had allegiance with the legendary Centaurs, and the most feared enemies were vicious assassins of the Underworld. 

Oppressed by snarky high school students, her family’s dark reputation, and a plaguing home life, seventeen year old Lynette Dyer has always thought of herself as less than average. But one day, three foreign and mysterious brothers seek her help to return home and be reunited with their native kind. In joining in their endeavors, Lyn’s own life is suddenly put in danger when a deadly assassin from the Underworld is sent by Hades to hunt the brothers as a deal that was made thousands of years ago. Now the once average Lyn Dyer finds her world turned upside down as she is caught in the middle of a supernatural battle between ancient immortals and the greatest enemies ever known to both man and monster. To escape their sealed fate, Lyn is the only hope for the three brothers—and perhaps the entire world itself. For little does she know that one of her new friends has a secret agenda of their own…"

"Centaurus" is a  200 page long Young Adult Fiction novel driven by actual Greek mythology.  With page-turning unpredictability, horrifying acts of unforeseen betrayal, a beautiful but unlikely romance, and thrilling battles of eternal beasts amongst a mortal earth, this story is guaranteed to make your adrenaline race as quickly as the hoof beats of the Centaurs themselves.



Flyaway revolves around Jacey Davis, a defiant seventeen year old who lives under the cruel roof of negligence, drunken abuse, and a past she, her uncle, and her older sister all try to forget. She is stuck living under the shadows of her internationally famed mother, who died in a famous 100 mile horse race just one year prior. But when Jacey is offered to compete in this exact challenge called "The Great Desert Race," her mind is conflicted. She wants to redeem the Davis name but her own fears of repeating her mother’s accident is constantly polluting her mind.

When unexpected struggles arise and tear Jacey even further away from her dreams, she is left relying on the inner strength she had kept hidden within herself. It is now, more than ever, that Jacey needs to find her way back to her family, her horse, and moreover, herself, to compete in The Great Desert Race. Jacey discovers that it is not just about racing against world renowned riders across a 100 miles of perilous land, but it is instead more about the race for her to discover within herself the true determination and willpower to overcome adversity from all angles.

Jacey and her horse, Mojave, notoriously deemed the "One Fifty Racer" because he had been once bound for slaughter and was rescued at a measly price, spread their invisible wings and lift off from the world to try and flyaway to the finish where they, in turn, captivate people across the globe and inspire this nation's movement against horse slaughter.

Deemed as a thrilling ride with a powerful message of determination, friendship, and courage, Flyaway has been praised for raising awareness of the horrors and tragedies of horse slaughter in America. Readers take away an array of morals and lessons from this story. Through Jacey, they learn how to polish their own lives with compassion and selflessness. Through the tag line, "Never stop flying" the readers are taught to discover the true courage we all covet in our hearts when life becomes a struggle. The friendships developed in the story underline the very real and very true unspeakable bond between horse and rider. And through Mojave, the golden horse with an unbreakable spirit, the incredible quality of heart--and talents--of a rescued animal.

With every online purchase, 50% of theproceeds of FLYAWAY will be donated to an anti-horse slaughter foundation and organization.

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