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All about Haylee Graham

        Haylee Graham was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At 21 years old, she has completed four full-length novels.  Haylee finished her first novel at 500 pages titled FLYAWAY before her graduation of high school in 2011, in which she would secretly sell copies during lunch time at her Catholic High School.  

         "I felt like a drug dealer," she recounts with a laugh.  "We had to be very inconspicuous about selling anything on campus."  

       After selling nearly 200 copies and receiving marvelous reviews, Haylee was driven with the desire to tell more stories to the world.  Six months after graduation, Haylee completed and released her most thrilling novel, CENTAURUS.  Instantly, CENTAURUS became a hit online, gathering up to 2,000 online reads and an overwhelming amount of great feedback.

        "Readers were saying it was the next Twilight series.  I wasn't too sure how to react to that, really." Haylee laughs and continues,  "That book's popularity sky-rocketed, and I had many demands to convert it to screenplay.  CENTAURUS is actually going to be on the book shelves in 2014.  I've already consulted with a publisher, so maybe then it will become a feature film!" 

       And how did CENTAURUS come about? Haylee reports that she had to hand-write 90% of the novel since she didn't posess her own laptop.  She then would travel twice a day, every day, to type up what she had written in an email at the public library.  

      "Oh," Haylee giggles, "that was such a hard six months! My hand would always cramp because it was trying to keep up with the story in my head.  And then for hours, I would have to suffer through the foul stenches of the homeless who would always persist on sitting next to me at the library." 

      After CENTAURUS came CLOSER THAN WE KNOW, a novella inspired by true events following the suicide of one of Haylee's childhood friends.  "At this point," Haylee says with a hint of saddness, "I wanted to find a way to help the people who were hurting from his death.  I wanted to encourage them and provide them comfort and hope through my words.  So I wrote CLOSER THAN WE KNOW purely with that intention." 

        CLOSER THAN WE KNOW received the most amount of positive reviews, and was looked at as a learning tool rather than just another story.   Haylee teamed up with the AMERICAN FOUNDATION for SUICIDE PREVENTION (www.afsp.org) so that 50% of Closer's proceeds would be donated to the research, study and prevention of suicide in America.  

      Following CLOSER THAN WE KNOW, Haylee completed, PRETENDING YOU'RE ALIVE, a deeply personal autobiographical novel presenting a new perspective on God.  "That novel," says the 21 year old author, "is the most personal novel I could ever write.  I take the readers hand and have them walk with me through the hardest and darkest times of my life.  It's also my testimony, and how God saved my life from coming to a destructive halt.  I present a new perspective on God to the youth, because I think most of them have a completely wrong and twisted outlook, simply because they've never seen God a different way." 

       So why exactly does Haylee Graham write novels?

      "I strive to write entertaining fiction that will keep the reader on the edge of the seat while at the same time, inspiring the betterment of their own lives," Haylee responds. "Each of my novels carry some important moral or life lesson within each story.  I write to give hope."

      In addition to writing novels, Haylee Graham is also an established industry writer for the music scene.  She has worked with some of the biggest electronic dance music artists and management companies in composing their official biographies.  She actively goes to music festivals, and is attending school for Music Business & Technology to pursue being an artist manager for the industry.   "I want to always be helping people, and I want to help up and coming electronic music producers to rise to the peak of their career.  Music is a huge passion of mine, almost as big if not equally matched as writing."